Cyber & Information Security

Every business needs to protect itself from cybersecurity threats. DGC provides a wide variety of cyber and information security services that can help identify, evaluate, measure, and manage cybersecurity risks. Our professionals are trained to identify areas of exposure and recommend corrective action. Companies both large and small have information that is valuable to cybercriminals and hackers.
It’s your organization’s responsibility to uphold the three tenets of information security:
  • Confidentiality – Data is kept private
  • Integrity – Data can be trusted
  • ​Availability – Data can be accessed when needed
As potentially damaging cyberattacks continue to affect more organizations every day, and as news about cybersecurity, hacking, ransomware, and data breaches increases, it is important to be knowledgeable about your own organization’s susceptibility. We will help you gain confidence in your organization’s cybersecurity program, and advise you and other internal users, so you can make well-informed decisions about how best to address your cyber and information security risks. 

Summary of Services 

There are many ways an organization can ensure they have a secure framework. However, what might be appropriate for one business might be unnecessary for another. DGC’s team will put together a tailored plan to safeguard your organization. Services include:

       - Cyber and Information Security Risk
       - Technical Vulnerability
       - Social Engineering

Policy & Training

       - Information Security Policy Development
       - Information Security Awareness Training


       - Business Continuity
       - Disaster Recovery
       - Incident Response Program
       - Regulatory Compliance Advisory
       - Assist with Third-Party Vendor Assessment
       - Data Classification
       - User Lifecycle Management

Working with IT Departments

Even the most proactive information technology departments may have vulnerabilities or areas where security can be improved. DGC’s professionals are trusted by clients, work with sensitive data, and understand the importance of having internal controls tailored to your organization. We take the time to ask the critical questions and understand your business.

Have you identified all types of sensitive data in your organization and where it’s stored? Do you have a well-defined plan of action in the event of a breach? Are you in compliance with all federal and state regulations?  We will review your policies, interview key members of your team, and deliver recommendations. These are just the first steps a business needs to take in order to properly protect itself. By partnering with DGC’s Cyber and Information Security team, you can implement a secure framework, allowing you to operate your business with confidence. 


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