Employee Benefit Plan Audit

If you have more than 100 eligible employee-benefit-plan participants, you are subject to an increasing number of complex accounting and reporting requirements.  
At DGC we focus on helping clients take the worry out of meeting these regulations, whether you have a Defined Contribution Plan, Defined Benefit Pension Plan, Profit Sharing Plan, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or some combination of these. 

Because we have deep experience with plan advisors, including legal counsel, actuaries, investment advisors, custodians, record keepers and others, we can work with you to: 

  • Conduct limited or full-scope audits 
  • Determine whether your plan is properly designed, executed and administered in accordance with government regulations
  • Resolve any potential issues
  • Avoid common pitfalls and problems from the IRS and the Department of Labor, including timely remittance, eligible compensation, plan filings and proper plan administration


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Tips for Preparing for Your Employee Benefit Plan Audit
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What Our Clients Say About Us

DGC has that rare combination of both technical and interpersonal skills. Client service is key, and at DGC they understand the impact of excellence in delivery. They are able to take the technical information, think strategically, and articulate it in a non-technical way. They are highly responsive and helpful. When I ask a question they respond with substance and value.

John Gordan Partner & CFO Putnam Associates